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Private Key Management

Be your own bank and manage your own keys, responsibly.

ICO design

Sale structure, auction models, token design

Economic modelling

Including token price and transaction velocity under various supply and demand conditions


Analysis of a projects strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats


Preparation of P&L and Balance Sheet items including digital currencies, security and utility tokens


Jurisdictional differences, Corporate structure, Data Protection, GDPR


Distributed ledger systems, principles of token economics, impacts of decentralisation

About us

We’ve worked at the forefront of the digital assets revolution and have seen hype give way to sobriety as big promises meet business realities. Let us help you navigate an evolving regulatory landscape, or advise how to design an effective token sale, so that you can innovate with a secure financial footing.

The number of projects competing for attention and investment can seem overwhelming, let us separate the innovators from the copy-cats as we quantify the fundamentals and explain the technology of a crypto-tech start-up.

Recent articles

Predicting port traffic using prediction markets

Background A prediction market allows people to bet on an unknown future event. For example, “What will the Euro-Dollar exchange rate be on date X?”. In several common forecasting scenarios, prediction markets have been more accurate than polls, expert opinions, and statistical methods1 and therefore prediction models are useful for observers (anybody who is interested […]


Blockchains use Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) to authenticate users and authorise transactions. These notes introduce the field of cryptography and explains how basic cryptographic methods work.1 To begin with the absolute basics, encryption generally works by taking a message and representing it as a series of numbers2 which are then turned into a series of […]

blockchains from the ground up

Blockchain from the ground up: Part 1

How to maintain a reliable list across a small network without a central authority This is part 1 of an introduction to the key features of a generalised blockchain. I haven’t included references to Bitcoin or any particular digital currencies or blockchain implementations. This is because a digital currency is just one application of blockchain […]

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